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727 534 1998

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Arport Investors, Inc., 8901 Airway Blvd., New Port Richey, FL 34654, (727) 534-1998


It’s been a while since our last edition – sorry about that but the editorial staff has been busy. This time we’re talking about changes and improvements here at Hidden Lake as well as some changes that have been implemented or are coming at surrounding airports. So read and enjoy and retain.

Runway Improvements

We’re sure you’ve noticed that the visibility on the approach to runway 23 is greatly improved. We received permission from SWFMD to cut down a number of trees in that area to make our approach safer and we’re now working with them to determine how to maintain that area in the future.


Do you know what PAPI stands for? If you said Precision Approach Path Indicator you’re correct. We now have a two-light PAPI on each of our runway approaches. They’ve been set-up with a 3.5º glide path. This is a little steeper than the ‘normal’ approach (which is typically 3.0º) but this angle should keep you well clear of the trees. The meaning of the lights is as follows:

              White/White – above glide path
      White/Red – on glide path
        Red/Red – below glide path

These lights are on 24/7 to help get you down safely.

East Entrance Gate

The security gate at the entrance is now open weekdays from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM and the inbound side is equipped with two video cameras. The board made these decisions in an attempt to contain maintenance costs and reduce wear and tear on the gate. In addition we are shifting responsibility for control of the gate away from Les Conway and Chuck Lobdell who have been doing it for almost 7 years (THANKS LES AND CHUCK!) to Steve Carper (817-1995) and John Edwards (847-7708). They are now responsible for updating any information in the gate controller.

Local Airport Information


There have been a few changes to the Hidden Lake Operating Rules. You can pick up a current copy in the Information Box at the fuel pump or view them at our web site,

FYI:  and if you don't know already, two near-by airports have changed their CTAF/UNICAM frequencies. They are;

Plant City (PCM) – from 123.00 to 123.05

Peter O’Knight (TPF) – from 122.8 to 122.725

Vandenberg (VDF) is now known as Tampa Executive. The identifier remains the same.

If you know of other local or regional changes that we should disseminate please let us know.


Beware of birds! There have been at least two incidents in the past year or so either at or within 10 miles of Hidden Lake where birds and aircraft have attempted to occupy the same airspace. In both cases the birds lost but did quite a bit of damage to the aircraft. Both aircraft landed safely!

The picnic committee decided to have only one picnic a year rather than two. The next one is scheduled for the fall of 2011.

Contact us at if you have any airport related ideas or suggestions.

Look for our next edition later this year.

NOTAMS !!! Old and New

FAASTeam -

Tampa Class B "Bridge Route" Establishment
Notice Number: NOTC0621

Tampa International Airport
Local Airspace Procedure "Bridge Route"

Pilots transiting the Tampa Class B airspace east or westbound are now able to obtain clearance to pass directly over the Tampa International Airport. Pilots may also receive a specific air traffic instruction to transit the airspace. Clearance shall be requested via Tampa Approach Control prior to entering the Class B airspace using the appropriate frequency for the sector from which the pilot is entering, and with sufficient advance notice that ATC can respond adequately.

Eastbound aircraft will be required to cross directly over the Tampa International Airport Runway 9/27
at either 2,500 or 3,000 feet MSL.

Westbound aircraft will be required to cross directly over the Tampa International Airport Runway 9/27
at either 3,500 or 4,000 feet MSL.

This procedure became effective 0001, October 12, 2006.

  Our runway extensions
Both of the runway extensions are now complete. We have also "fixed" the "dip" in the middle of the runway by grading and filling it. Nice andlevel now.
We have left the thresholds at where they were set originally but that still gives you a lot of over-run and take-off room. Check back here for any changes

We have  installed a  tower with a powerful beacon at the main hangar area. We are told it can be seen from great distances. Our pilots should always
be able to find our airport at night now.

All of our hangars are rented right now.  We understand that there are
quite a few names on the waiting list.

Check out the "Picnic" Page for info about the upcoming Picnic

Every time we get a new load of aviation fuel the price has gone up ! Sorry about that, not much we can do about it.
Sign of our times we guess. If it ever goes down you will be the first to hear about it !!
Check for current price on the "Fuel" page.

To all who utilize these fine facilities, we thank you for keeping the grounds neat and free from trash and other discarded items.

It will take all of your individual efforts to keep it this way. 

Remind your neighbor if he or she starts to store or discard items outside of their hangar space. It wouldn't be nice very long if tires, boat trailers, etc.
started showing up between
and behind the hangars

We have to remind our patrons to supply us with a copy of their current aircraft insurance policy. We know, it isn't done on purpose. Just one of those things that you don't think about. In most cases if you notify your insurance carrier to send us a copy, they will do it automatically at renewal time. Avemco and several other larger companies will do this. Then you will not be bothered and we can satisfy the requirements of our own insurance carrier for the entire airport.

Don't get fined !!!
Pretty Old Reminder -  but still very pertinent to us

Our government !!!  EPA at work !! Old info but still valid !!

  The EPA has been clamping down on the procedure of pilots testing their
fuel then dumping it on the ground.
 This is now a no - no.  

Be careful!! Another change in the way we do things!!

If you have some special news that you would like to see posted here,  drop us an e-mail with the details

 Please feel free to contact us at the following address:

   Hidden Lake Airport
      8901 Airway Blvd.
New Port Richey, Florida 34654
727 534 1998


 If you have comments or suggestions, email us at

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